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The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project
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18-Nov-2018, 12:52 AM

Thanks! It’s definitely a work in progress though.

Moving right to the end of the film, I have had the idea for a while that Rey alone is able to find Luke through the Force. There would be some vision when she touches the lightsaber of the completed map to Luke (along with the other visions), and this is what Kylo senses in her. When they fight over the lightsaber in the snow, it can now support the interpretation that Kylo wants the vision of the map that the saber first imparted to Rey.

Since Rey has this vision, there is no need for R2 to have the rest of the map. I tried making a version without the map scene, with mixed results:
Password: fanedit

I feel like it might work better if the scene of R2’s reveal happens in place of the one where he wakes up. We would see R2 again, but our hopes would be dashed when 3PO says that he’s in low power mode and probably doesn’t have the rest of the map. Move Chewie’s mourning to after this scene, and then this despondency implies that Rey must act on her vision and find Luke.

Another benefit of this change would be to save R2 waking up for TLJ, where we get a more powerful reunion.