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Quantum Leap: Complete Series with ALL of the Original Music Restored Project. (a WIP)
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17-Nov-2018, 7:18 AM

sithmastersidious said:

Are the blu rays missing any footage?

There were six episodes of the show which aired as two part episodes initially.
“Lee Harvey Oswald” was intact on DVD and UK Blu, but was the syndicated “split” cut on the US blu, missing a scene in the middle of the episode.
The second and third parts of “Trilogy” aired as a single unit, but all of the subsequent releases have been the syndicated “split” cuts; “Trilogy Part II” is unaffected, but “Trilogy Part III” is missing something like five minutes, almost all of it devoted to the mystery of the overall trilogy. By removing all of this footage, the syndicated cut is much more focused on the story of Sam’s daughter (which makes sense when prepared for a casual syndication audience, but is disappointing when they’re all together).
“Return of the Evil Leaper” and “Revenge of the Evil Leaper” aired as a two hour event as well. I’ve yet to be able to track down a copy of this, but I believe that the airing was padded out with behind the scenes footage from the upcoming Civil War episode rather than additional footage in the episode. (The behind the scenes Civil War stuff hasn’t been included anywhere.)

There’s also a few minutes in an episode where they messed up the framing, and one of the leap-outs is the wrong color for some reason. All of this, but nobody has spotted any music replacements on the Blu yet!