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Thrawn Trilogy rewriten
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6-Nov-2018, 9:01 PM
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6-Nov-2018, 9:01 PM
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  • Instead of Jorus getting cloned as Joruus, Jorus survives, falls to the dark side, and does the things that Joruus does.

  • Jorus is the Guardian of Kamino instead of “Wayland”. Jorus’s job is to make sure the Kaminoans don’t try to rebel.

  • Mara Jade is the daughter of Palpatine and Talzin.

  • Mara Jade is the only Emperor’s Hand.

  • No Mara Jade in Jabba’s Palace. Sidious and Vader were trying to turn Luke, not kill him.

  • No command in Mara Jade’s mind.

  • No Luuke.