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Star Wars - What is wrong and what is right... Goodbye Magenta
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6-Nov-2018, 5:47 PM
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yotsuya said:


This one is for you. For all our leaning yellow or red discussion, look how Threepio has fared. Compare the 1982 LD to the JSC LS. All all places in between.

Which one do you think is the right color. So many choices here.

The one i think looks best is top right Fox Ld.

don’t know if it is actually right or not but it looks the best and essentislly all these images you are posting prove that there is not really any wrong or right only looking better or worse.

The Binary sunset shot though is a special effects error or something, it is just “fucked up” and it’s not worth particularly much apart from knowing that looks totally wrong compared to the 3p0 shot makes sense no matter what different color is displayed from the transfer is relative no doubt to the rest of the film in a sense.

You need to look at the technidisc it was a transfer of technicolor print. Or atleast I think it was?

Essentially what I have done is shift the Gout to sort out the skin tones but this has left me with a video with a purple weirdness to it. Probably similar to what a print on the way out would look like. Bug I have dealt with the Purple problem not shifted it to hide the purple problem that it had.

So it is a good reason to do it… They were blatently shifting color on that transfer and it is plain to see that it was shifted to hide the problem.