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Movies you watch every Halloween
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5-Nov-2018, 5:59 AM

Jay said:

oojason said:

Flash Gordon (1980) - not a Halloween or even a horror film (in that sense 😉) though a good enjoyable romp all the same.

One of my favorite movies. I never get tired of it. The soundtrack alone makes it worth a watch.

I failed miserably at squeezing in all the movies I wanted to watch by Halloween, so I extended my deadline to this weekend.

The soundtrack is great - a real stomping release really in tune with the film! Though every time I listen to it (or hear a track from it) - I can’t help but want to put the film on and give the whole thing a re-watch 😃

Am hoping they’ll do something special for the 40th anniversary for 2020 - maybe a nice and new 4K transfer, compiling all the commentaries and bonuses from the differing releases so far into one new sweet deluxe boxset, including the soundtrack separately or something similar…

Gonna go give Ted a re-watch 😃