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4K83 - Released
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1-Nov-2018, 3:36 PM

theMaestro said:
And it just seems counterintuitive to actively remove frames & audio, just so it syncs with the flawed GOUT audio.

It’s got nothing to do with syncing to the GOUT audio. The GOUT standard was about which frames were to be included in any given release so that decent audio, subtitles, and foreign dubs could be easily muxed in. This was very important in the days when we were syncing LDs that had all sort of frame differences – those were the releases that sometimes had black frames inserted to maintain sync; it was also important when editions (notably Harmy’s) that were based on the SE DVDs (and later the BDs) were produced. The GOUT could have been released with a laugh track and still have served as the basis for a standard as to which frames to include.

oohteedee said:
Why would anyone insist on maintaining an incomplete and low quality standard like the 2006 gout.

Again, it’s got nothing to do with the quality of the GOUT. The GOUT could have been a film scan, the best DVD release in history, or the low-quality LB 4:3 DVD that it was and still have served as the basis for the standard. There are high-quality UHD BDs based on excellent modern remasters that drop frames that were found in earlier releases – they are not butchering films by doing so, because there’s nothing sacred about a frame or two. Competing modern restorations drop different ones.

If people want to push for a new standard, that’s fine. I’ve reluctantly come to accept that we’ll probably get one whether I like it or not, and I’m prepared to contribute (as far as I am able) to the effort to resync existing work. But I wish people would drop the misconception that the GOUT’s being a low-quality source has any inherent connection with its serving as a standard – it doesn’t.