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Info: 'SUPERMAN THE MOVIE' - The 35mm Silver Screen Edition
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1-Nov-2018, 2:11 PM

ITHoTMK said:

RU.08 said:

ITHoTMK said:

Awful. Okay. That was just a web compressed version. There is obviously a higher quality version both uncompressed and one encoded for those who want to burn it to Bluray. But based on this post I don’t think I will be sharing it privately.

I didn’t mean to offend, just to say the 15GB version was badly compressed (not surprising given the size and the length of the film). I’ve seen worse though as well, and those were “completed projects”. I’m sorry if I came off as rude, I’ve had a bad week which started with my cat being attacked by a dog.

That’s all well and good. No offence taken. A lot of work went into the project with assistance from various sources. I think this one is best held back until possibly after the 4K UHD version is released.

Agreed. If the 4k is as good as we’re all expecting it to be and from the original negative, that would render this project useless.