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The Boba Fett movie
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31-Oct-2018, 5:00 AM

If they went that direction, I’d be a streaming customer for sure. I know your one-sheet is a bit in jest (and awesome) but the content and quality of a short series could be fantastic if done to the standards of modern streaming services. TV in general has become much more respected the past decade or so. It’s returned to a point when quality comes before quantity.

When I was a kid there was a series called the NBC Mystery Movie. It came on Sunday nights. They were feature film length detective shows and crime dramas. My favorite was Colombo. They only aired about six or seven a year, often times over a month or more apart. It was because they put in the time and work on quality writing, A-list actors, directing, etc instead of frequency. Spielberg directed one of them.

While I sometimes lament the long gaps between seasons of many current shows on Netflix, AMC, Prime, BBC, etc, I know it’s because they’re taking the time to put out a quality product. If Disney goes this same direction with their network, we could see some Star Wars content on par with the theatrical releases. No complaints here if they back off of numbered sagas and focus on their TV series.