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4K83 - Released
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31-Oct-2018, 12:49 AM
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CatBus said:

theMaestro said:

But shouldn’t historical preservation be the top priority instead of convenience?

It all depends on how literal you want to be. Two frames is 83 milliseconds of a film. It’s also not unusual for a few frames to get skipped at a reel change, so it’s unclear how many theatrical audiences really saw those 83 milliseconds in the first place.

I get the argument both ways. But it’s 83 milliseconds that breaks stuff (but not as much stuff as people think), so it’s ultimately a matter of how much you really want them. Different people, different priorities.

Those two frames are in the middle of reel 3 so I would guess 99% of screenings had those two frames. Other frames at reel changes were most certainly not always seen, but that’s the case for most 35mm films in theatres.

4k77 is missing one frame at the end of reel 5. The only available source was the BD so it was not used. If the 35mm prints were complete then it would have been used in 4k77 for historical accuracy and preservation. The BD frame should have been used anyway IMHO.

Why would anyone insist on maintaining an incomplete and low quality standard like the 2006 gout. The complete films as created and released originally in theatres should be the only acceptable standard and not the flawed 2006 DVDs that most people don’t even like because of their poor quality.

Everyone preaches for the original theatrical version but when they’re presented with it they insist on it being butchered to a non original and incomplete standard.

Fix the audio, don’t butcher the films.