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4K83 - Released
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30-Oct-2018, 11:20 PM

calculon559 said:
Sorry, I meant 4k77 IS GOUT-synced, even though it’s missing at least one frame from the end of Reel 5 that was on the BluRay, and I believe at least a couple more from a French PAL laserdisc if I remember correctly. And then they turn around and change tactics for 4K83, adding every frame and breaking sync with tons of audio and sub options?

Is the GOUT audio for Star Wars 77 not entirely complete? Because my understanding was that they chose to add black frames in order to maintain sync with the GOUT audio, which is apparently the most complete audio out there. And doing so did not involve any removal of frames, so it was non-destructive.

With 4k83, their optical print audio is the most complete audio out there (and they discovered that some clunky audio edits had been made to the GOUT audio to keep it in sync with its video). So I think they’re just trying to keep their projects in sync with the most complete audio available. And it just seems counterintuitive to actively remove frames & audio, just so it syncs with the flawed GOUT audio. I get what the other side is saying about how this de-syncs all the other audio. But shouldn’t historical preservation be the top priority instead of convenience?