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4K83 - Released
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30-Oct-2018, 10:46 PM

theMaestro said:

4k77 not having enough frames can be solved by either using black frames or splicing Blu-ray frames in (I think they did the former). But that is very different from actively removing frames that are on the print just to conform to an inferior standard. I think it makes sense for 4k83 to be the new sync standard for ROTJ.

Sorry, I meant 4k77 IS GOUT-synced, even though it’s missing at least one frame from the end of Reel 5 that was on the BluRay, and I believe at least a couple more from a French PAL laserdisc if I remember correctly. And then they turn around and change tactics for 4K83, adding every frame and breaking sync with tons of audio and sub options?

But, having read the GOUT-sync thread that CatBus referred to, I can kind of see where Williarob and the team are coming from; NTSC-GOUT has two frames missing, PAL-GOUT has one missing, their print has all three, why not add them all? I guess I was just on the side of trimming the two frames so everything else doesn’t break, however minor. Maybe 4K83 will be the new sync standard for RotJ? idk