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open letter by Collipso
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30-Oct-2018, 5:44 PM

moviefreakedmind said:

Jay said:

moviefreakedmind said:

Comments like that weren’t being made by most in the politics thread. Jay broke his own rules on personal attacks and insults and then deleted the thread almost immediately after people started calling him out on it.

I told dahmage he was acting like an ass (and he was) for doing exactly what everyone in the thread was warned not to do repeatedly over the course of months, if not years.

You didn’t. You called him an ass for pointing out in one word how senseless your political commentary was. No one ever has been told not to use one-word responses to call someone out. So that’s a rule you made up on the spot.

Participants in that thread were warned REPEATEDLY over months to participate in the debate in a substantive fashion or get out. Anyone who didn’t pick up on that obviously wasn’t following the thread closely, which would explain, at least in part, the quality of the discussion.

Your inability to have a reasoned debate while constantly referring to others’ political opinions using dismissive words like “senseless” are a prime example of why the thread went to shit.

As I’ve said elsewhere, rather than losing my cool, I probably should’ve just banned him for failing to heed previous warnings, in which case we’d be in the same situation (“Jay’s abusing his powers blah blah blah”), but at least I wouldn’t have “broken my own rules”.

Of course we’d have said that you were abusing your power because you would’ve banned someone who didn’t even break the rules and that you were obviously just mad at because he was being “snarky”, as you like to say, towards your political opinion. If snark is against the rules then you would’ve had to have banned yourself a million times before, so if you’re saying respectfulness is a rule then it’s just another of the many rules that you yourself are not beholden to.

I disagree, and everyone is now free to review the thread and form their own opinion, just like you’re free to leave this oppressive regime behind and take your negativity elsewhere.

Or, you could get over it and move on with your life, which is what I plan to do. This will be my last response to this thread.