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The GOUT Sync Thread
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27-Oct-2018, 12:58 AM
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27-Oct-2018, 1:01 AM
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ChainsawAsh said:

LordZerome1080 said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Because it’s been getting really obnoxious and makes it hard to follow projects when threads keep showing new posts only for it to turn out to be you saying “Interesting” or “The more you know” or “That was informative” or something equally pointless.

Ojason does the exact same thing and you don’t see anyone complaining.

No, he really doesn’t.

To get back on topic:

So how much of a difference would a two-frame discrepancy between GOUT and 4K83 standards matter when it comes to subtitles anyway?

Completely unnoticeable. Subtitles are regularly off by more than that with respect to audio for unrelated reasons. It’s really the dubs, and in particular the voiceover-style dubs that are the only concern within my bailiwick.

But if everyone else jumps on the 4Kxx frame standard, you know I’ll add a few milliseconds to my subs because I can’t help myself. It’s just how I am. I hold off for a long time, but once I commit I’m all in.