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Info Wanted: 4K versions vs. DEED (Despecialized Editions) - which is better and why?
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26-Oct-2018, 10:39 PM

There’s nothing faded about the print used for Return of the Jedi 4K. It is an answer print
that was 1 generation off from the negative, and has rarely ever been projected.

From the source:

99.9% of all frames used in this project are sourced from one original 1983 35mm
Eastman print. The remaining 175 frames were sourced from an alternate 35mm print.
All frames were scanned, cleaned, stabilized, and color corrected in 4k (anamorphic)
from 35mm prints. The primary print used is NOT a release print but a special screening
print struck directly from the original film negative in 1983. It is presented with
it’s original film grain intact which is two generations less than what a theatrical
release print would have and only one generation from the original negative.