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4K83 - Released
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22-Oct-2018, 1:56 PM
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22-Oct-2018, 2:00 PM
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                              Audio Information

Track 01.............: 2.0 DTS-MA (1983 35mm Optical Audio (from this print)) Eng
Track 02.............: 5.1 DTS-MA (5.1 mix 2018 version (new for 4K83)) Eng
Track 03.............: 2.0 AC3 (1993 LaserDisc audio (new for 4K83)) Eng
Track 04.............: 3.0 AC3 (1993 LaserDisc audio Commentary (new for 4K83)) Eng

Audio Track 1 is the stereo optical audio extracted from our primary 35mm print using a
   35mm optical reader and Dolby decoder. Mastering by schorman.
Audio Track 2 is a new 5.1 audio track, mastered for this release. Mastering by hairy_hen.
   This 5.1 mix is only suited for 5.1 systems. For 2.0 systems use one of the stereo
   tracks for greater clarity.
Audio Track 3 is the 1993 LaserDisc stereo audio. Mastering by schorman.
Audio Track 4 is the 1993 LaserDisc audio commentary. Mastering by schorman.

Some alternate audio is provided in an Alternate Audio folder for you to mux in as

All audio provided is synced to 4K83. Thank you hairy_hen and schorman.


Track 03 is probably the ‘highest’ quality, but Track 01 is very high quality as well, it only has a few audio glitches.

schorman said:

As far as the 35mm optical track, the recording was excellent as far as sync. It turned out to have only a single glitch across the seven reels of the film, a single repeated frame worth of audio at about 1:08:12.