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Jaws: The Revenge | Theatrical Cut Reconstruction - HD (Released)
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21-Oct-2018, 9:10 AM

Cj6543 said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

Cj6543 said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

blueflag said:

Any news on this project? I assume it’s dead as the last post was over a year ago.

Post the next time it’s available on Netflix. I’ll capture it and do it.

I was able to capture it on Netflix a while back…it looks just fine EXCEPT for a few scenes which lag, but pm me if you can repair it in anyway and I’ll send it to you

is it 23.976?

I have no idea. I’m not an expert like some people. I found an app that let me download the movie from Netflix, and it looks great except for 1-2 scenes, and at even then it’s only for a few seconds.

That app doesn’t download. It reencodes and has a max resolution of 720p. Not worth it for these purposes.