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Best/Worst Parody Movie?
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21-Oct-2018, 2:40 AM
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21-Oct-2018, 3:51 AM
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Love 'em, tolerate 'em, hate 'em, they’re definitely a thing!

I’ve noticed a few specific movie-themed threads coming up so I thought I’d pose this question as a thread in the hopes of getting more responses. What is your favorite parody movie, and why? If you are more inclined to respond to someone else’s and further that discussion than talk about your favorite, don’t be afraid to do that either.

The way I respond to parody I like tends to be a strong first reaction and fond memories, but no desire to go back to it unless I’m getting to show it to someone else for their first time.

Airplane! and Hot Shots: Part Deux are probably my favorites. Airplane! has better genre humor overall and will probably be better remembered than most movies it parodies, but I also enjoy Hot Shots for some of its specific lifts from some of my legitimately favorite movies.

As for worst, I assume I haven’t seen the worst. The duo behind Epic Movie I know did a ton more after that and I didn’t like that movie at all.