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screams in the void
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Rey & Kylo Ren's Relationship
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20-Oct-2018, 3:42 AM
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nl0428 said:

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OutboundFlight said:

This is a pretty good video on just that topic:

You know, back in the pre-TLJ days I thought Reylo was idiotic but TLJ goes to great lengths to set it up. Finn, who I believed would end up with Rey by the end, is now with Rose and Poe’s got BB8.

While it might be a cliché, it is an interesting and a new place of the franchise to go. If they do it right, it could help Ep 9. But doing it right would be very hard to pull off, and they might see the entire saga fall apart if they fail. Something to keep in the back of our minds, I guess.

This is a great video that explains why, but I really don’t like the title of the video. I thought the best videos the showcase this were the three-part theory video series by the now defunct YouTuber, Vincent Vendetta.

I never saw Rey and Finn as a possible couple in The Force Awakens. I just saw them as friends. I didn’t hate that he ended up with Rose, though. I have faith that J.J. Abrams will wrap things nicely. I actually think that if the two survive in the end, with Ben being redeemed, it could help set up a possible fourth trilogy focused on their kids if Disney and Lucasfilm ever think about making another trilogy.

^ at about 20 seconds into that video , I felt like shipping my pants

Unfortunately, I feel that the “Reylo” fans, such as fangirls who draw fan art of the two characters seen in the video are making this story direction look like garbage. That is one of the reasons why I think some of the most popular Star Wars fans out there, who are not toxic, do not mention it, because they see it as a fangirl shipping dream of theirs. I’m sorry if I sounded hateful, I didn’t mean to come off as that. “Shipping my pants” is hilarious!

^you did not sound hateful .I may have developed a sarcastic streak recently due to site osmosis and the death of a friend so sorry to everybody if I have not seemed myself of late .