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Rey & Kylo Ren's Relationship - TROS SPOILERS from Page 3 onwards
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nl0428 said:

screams in the void said:

"I don’t believe modern Star Wars films are descending into these types of gossip. I believe that the ones who are responsible for creating terms such as “Reylo” are fans and shippers (not to sound critical towards these fans). “…SOME of these fans are the ones I was talking about and not the films themselves . Also , Rey may have been told one thing during the production of TLJ but it would not be the first time a plot point was hidden from the cast , they told everyone except Mark Hamill that the famous line was " Obi-Wan killed your father !” . I do not believe they will turn out to be siblings , nor do I believe they are going to be romantically involved , but I could be wrong . To state that anything is Empiracal fact is just speculation . You yourself said that things you thought were one way , turned out to be another .That happened a lot in the Original trilogy as well …back in 1977 , I was SURE Luke and Leia would end up together and the comics even ran with that idea , sometimes even after Empire was out .Anything can happen going forward .lastly , and just a pet peeve that my slightly ocd self gloamed in on is the term " shippers " another one I wish would die . I have been on the planet 47 years and have only heard it used in the past few years . That , and “hot take” which is something that I reserve for after a high fiber meal .Good points you bring up though, and as the Dude says , it’s just like , our collective opinions man ".

You are right, all film is subjective. I feel that the reason why Luke and Leia ended up as siblings and did not become a couple was due to George Lucas’ decisions back then. There is a great book called, “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe,” which describes the behind the scenes involvement that was occurring throughout the franchise’s history. At the time, George was still not to sure whether he wanted them to be a couple, or as siblings. These thoughts must have occurred in George’s head when making The Empire Strikes Back. They had hinted at Leia being Luke’s sister by having Yoda referring to another, and her sensing Luke on Cloud City, despite Leia giving Luke a couple-like kiss in front of Han on Hoth.

No, Leia was definitely not Luke’s sister circa TESB. There are deleted scenes that illustrate this in spades - as well as the Marvel adaptation of the film. It was a love triangle, pure and simple.

Nor was ‘the other’ referring to Leia at the time. Leia was a prisoner on Cloud City when Yoda made the claim. He had even just encouraged Luke to ‘sacrifice Han and Leia’ for the greater good (after Obi Wan admitted that “even Yoda cannot see their fate”).

As for ‘Reylo’, I actually really like the way their bond is depicted in TLJ, even if the overall writing is suspect. I love how Kylo almost begs her to join him. It’s a great character moment for him that is disappointingly dashed when he reverts to his old temper-tantrum throwing self whilst engaging Luke and the rebels on Soth (salt-Hoth).