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Master Lawdog
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Rey & Kylo Ren's Relationship...
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19-Oct-2018, 6:03 PM
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WARNING! This thread contains spoilers for all the Star Wars films!

I was wondering how everyone here feels about Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship in the sequel trilogy as of right now. After The Force Awakens was released, there was a large group of shippers who shipped the two characters together, dubbing the term, “Reylo.” When I first saw the movie, I didn’t see anything between the two characters. I just saw this theory as a pipe dream for shippers and fangirls at first.

It wasn’t until a year later, before The Last Jedi was released, that I looked more into the theory to understand why it was quite popular. I was surprised by the evidence that the theorists have found, and they actually convinced me that this is a plot point that could potentially happen in Episode VIII. However, I always go into a new Star Wars movie with no expectations. I like to be surprised by the next installment in the saga, and not set up unrealistic expectations, leading to disappointment. When I viewed The Last Jedi the first time, I was incredibly surprised to see that a romantic relationship was set up between the two characters as I watched them touch each others hands in the hut. By the time it seemed as if Ben had decided to rule the galaxy with Rey, I had thought that the film was misleading the audience. That wasn’t until the last force bond between the two, I could tell that everything that had happened between the two was just the beginning of their relationship, based upon the looks on their faces, with Ben once again pleading for Rey to join him, and Rey very disappointed in his decision, hoping that maybe he will see how destructive his actions were.

It has surprised me that even after The Last Jedi came out, there were many fans who didn’t even see, or at least mention, the romance set up between the two characters. Whether they never saw it or they don’t want to bring it up due to having some distaste to it. The Last Jedi actually won me over to liking the story idea of the two in a romantic relationship. Just like many Star Wars fans, I love the original trilogy, and I grew up with the first six films. Despite not being a fan of the prequels later on, I did warm up to them more, and have also made my own fan edits of the prequels, as many here have also done as well. I am a big fan of the sequel trilogy, and I’m excited to see where the Rey and Ben are going to go in The Rise of Skywalker.

I am curious though. I would like to know how everyone else here feels about the relationship between Rey and Ben Solo.