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open letter by Collipso
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19-Oct-2018, 5:23 PM

hello. i’m collipso. i registered less than one year ago, when my life was the shittiest its ever been and Star Wars helped me cope with everything. this place ended up helping A LOT too, so first and foremost, thank you all.

somehow though, like many mentioned, the forum has been decreasing in enjoyment constantly (for me) ever since shortly after the TLJ debates died out, which was around march or april.

i really enjoyed off-topic at first. man it was funny as heck, and the regulars here are just really nice people, all of them. at least all i can think of right now.

but… as of right now, i feel desolated. absolutely desolated. an extremely authoritarian action has been taken by the far right claims-to-be-centrist asshole Jay.

honestly Jay, when i first found out that you weren’t exactly appreciated here, i decided to defend you. our interactions had been fun and i quite liked you. i even understood it when you banned me, even though of course the “next guy who posts something gets banned” made no sense and treated us all like children.

but… you became what everyone said you were. an asshole. an idiot. a dick. you started to get in fights where you were obviously wrong but because of how arrogant you are it you completely blind to everyone else’s point of view and to everything that was ACTUALLY going on. i see you’ve brainwashed oojason for example, who claims to deal with facts while only spilling lies, your lies, only your side of the story. half truths are lies too, man.

you refuse to listen to others. you only care about what you think and yourself. you’re no leader. you’re no administrator. you’re nothing more than a man baby who thinks he’s opressed and gets it out on us. fucking pathetic. you’re fucking pathetic sometimes. most times.

and now you banned politics. banned. politics. that was incredibly childish of you. politics is something that’s at the core of every human being. everything is politics. art is political. Star Wars is political. you don’t just get to ban it. this is censorship and a dictatorship. and i won’t take it up the ass. never.

i ask you to reconsider it. unban politics. unlock the threads. grow the fuck up. people disagreed with you, got into heated arguments. that fucking happens, man. fucking deal. but no. dahmage said cool. so he’s an ass. therefore fuck the entire subject of politics.

it just makes no sense and is extremely childish.

you couldn’t follow your own rules man. you attacked others personally and failed to admit it, to apologize. to everyone. that caused the shitstorm we’re seeing, because you’re an asshole, but an asshole with power. those are the worst types of assholes.

so congratulations jay. you didn’t nuke off-topic, but you might as well have. most regular members are gone or leaving. you managed to take away all the fun in this place. all of it. so fuck you. fuck, you.

after months and months of going after frink and some other regular members, you finally did it. you’ve ruined this place to the community that built it. you’ve banned the guy with 80k posts. you’re making decades old members leave.

so i ask you to reconsider, and write an open letter apologizing for everything and unbanning frink and politics. it’s the honorable thing for you to do. it’s actually the only honorable thing for you to do. it’d make me reconsider.

with this, i can say i am leaving the forum. i’ll finish like i started, by thanking you guys. i’ve made some really good friends, such as darthrush, ChainsawAsh (whom i almost met, damn you circumstances!) possessed, frink, dahmage, dom, warb, coffee, and duracell. i never got to tell you before duracell but you might be one of the funniest people around. you, dahmage, frink… i’m going to miss you guys.

so yeah. you’ll see it eventually, Jay. you’re being an idiot, a hypocrite, an asshole. a fucking child. the stupidiest is the one who thinks they know everything. you fit the desceiption. so fuck you, and, sadly, fuck this place. but i’m carrying with me in my heart many good moments and i’m going to be in touch with those i really like. if i don’t end up banned, know that i’m not coming back.

thanks jay. you managed to fuck everything up. please, go drive into a tree.