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Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *
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19-Oct-2018, 12:08 AM

Ronster said:

I had already started working on the Cantina Ponda Baba Decapitation and alternate content.
In this Version we have a close up on Dr Evanzan as he approaches Luke before tapping him on the shoulder you can hear his shuffle in the sound mix so it’s actually a legit take.

The whole Lightsaber fight has been tightened removing extraneous material so everything happens in real time and there is nothing happening twice.

Ponda Baba Decapitated off screen with sound effects, his head replaces the Wolfman arm and gun as his hands are different but his head sure is not apart from it’s come off his shoulders.

Greedo Takes an interest in Han Solo Bargaining with Luke and Obi-wan again I think this scene was moved so again legit and better.

Luke and Ben Leave earlier I think it makes more sense.

Han Get’s held up by Greedo all in the same scene unbroken quick cut away to cantina weirdo.

There is no doubt about Han shooting first

Here it is.

Feedback as It’s in rough form if there are no suggestions for anything then I will do it in better quality.

Enjoy and Thanks

Fantastic work! especialy nice to see han firing his D-LL, where the hell is that shot from?