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trillary dump
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The Phantom Menace on 35mm
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10-Oct-2018, 11:02 PM

poita said:
Let me know which reel that would be on (Reels are approx 20 minutes long) as I am not familiar with the movie itself at all.

Here’s the timecodes for the changes that would be needed to be scanned if you chose to do so:

01:19:14 frame 6 - shot of Qui-Gon’s “much more complicated” line and wipe transition to a shot of Palpatine’s quarters
01:25:40 frame 17 - Orn Free Ta’s human aides
01:33:26 frame 11 - hyperspace jump and the wipe to the Theed palace

It all could be on reel 4 and 5 or just 5. Hope this helped and hope that you’re feeling better!