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The "101 Ways to Kill Off-Topic For Good" Thread
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3-Oct-2018, 5:43 PM

I may regret this but I think I have to stand up for myself.

moviefreakedmind said:

Warbler said:

ChainsawAsh said:
When it’s so fucking easy to just stop responding and skip over people’s posts if you don’t like what they’re saying.

Not when they are continuing to make false accusations and insults about me, it is not “so fucking easy”.

That’s never happened. Name one false accusation or insult that I’ve thrown at you since you threw your fit.

If anything, you’re the one making false accusations. You’re the one painting me to be some mean, horrible bully that’s harassing you, when it’s obvious to everyone that that isn’t the case.

Newflash: you don’t speak for everyone. If they do believe that, it is because you’ve successfully fooled them.

I love how almost everything you accuse other people of doing, you have done yourself.


You’re the one that threw insults in the anthem debate, which is why you got banned and no one else did.

more bullshit. I didn’t throw any insults until you pushed me too far and I lost my temper. Before I lost my temper, you have very rude and insulting and had said multiple false things about me.

You’re the one being overly-sensitive and whiny when you claim everyone else is an “SJW” in the politics thread.

I didn’t claim everyone was an sjw. I talked about an sjw mindset. I only used the word one time.

Can’t you get at least somewhere near accurate in your assertions?

You’re the one that has vendettas against people when you claim everyone else has a vendetta against you.

It is obvious you have a vendetta against me. You’ve had one ever since I told you wasn’t going to engage with you anymore. You’ve also made plenty of passive-aggressive jibes at me.

You’re the one making passive-aggressive little jibes at me in spite of your sad restraining order when you claim that you’re trying to pretend I don’t exist. It’s astounding.

I’ve done that because I felt I was forced. When someone is constantly lying about you, it is hard to just ignore it. I tried stay away from engaging with you, but you’ve made that impossible.