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Bobson Dugnutt
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Star Wars: A New Hope - The Darklighter Cut
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1-Oct-2018, 10:59 PM

benduwan said:

Bobson Dugnutt said:

benduwan said:

will you make after this Empire " the Lando cut "?
there many lando shots out there,specially in the trailers.
short but many…

I haven’t seen many, but if there is enough significant scenes with Lando, I could yeah

in the trailers are 4 scenes and in the bluray 1…

hmmmm…i thought there are more…😕

i´m working on a extended cut and i will ask if i can use parts from your biggs scenes in my version?

The only Lando scene I’ve seen is the Lobot getting captured one, but the deleted scenes database lists these

Lando three shots Old trailer (00:05) ***
First, you’ll see him coming up the top hatch of the Millennium Falcon looking around for Luke, then it cuts to him running towards a door and presumably trying to unlock it. Neither of these was in the original release, however for the Special Edition they added some new footage of Lando’s ascent/descent in the top hatch of the Falcon to make it look and work better.

Once I’ve got it rendered and uploaded, you’re free to use it however you wish.