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OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)
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1-Oct-2018, 6:17 PM
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1-Oct-2018, 6:19 PM
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Progress report (since you asked)
Still in research Phaze, the real problem is there are many decisions to make. My philosophy is keep it simple stupid but the more I look the more I want to add…
So starting with the base, it will likely be an 8mm or 16mm source but likely a combination of both. I want to use the 8mm sound though as it has several differences from the others
Here is what I have for source material
Star Wars Derann Super 8mm Preservation
TN1 presents Poita’s SW Super 8mm Grindhouse v1
Puggo Grande
Puggo Strikes Back
Return of the Puggo
Harmy’s despecialized editions
Ady’s revisited SW and ESB
TN1 SW grind house 1.6
TN1 ESB grindhouse.
All 3 on Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray deleted scenes
Star wars begins
Building empire
Returning to Jedi
All three rinzler ebook scenes
Random youtube/viemo stuffs
Star wars the cutting room floor

If there is something else I should look at or consider as source material please let me know.

As far as what scenes to put in I’m concentrating on original Star Wars for right now:
Treadwell scene with radio drama audio
Toche station
Reunite with Biggs
Vader widens the search
Shots of Jenny in the bar with solo
Ponda Boba head instead of arm
Original Jabba scene, or what can be salvaged
Slightly longer destruction of alderan
Casual stroll past imperial officers
Reunite with bigg plus I flew with your father part.
Maybe a few slightly extended scenes here and there.
Blue milk? Maybe but not sure where it goes.
Can anyone point me to a simple grain plate / added film dirt tutorial, I will need it to replace the dirty sources anywhere there is a starfield, none are good enough to use, but look awsome otherwise