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OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)
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24-Sep-2018, 7:20 AM

darkspire17 said:

Perhaps go the radio drama way, where he wasent jabba, but i belive a mercinary/bounty hunter sent by jabba,

I will check into it, I plan on using audio from the radio dram a fir the treadwell scene already.

darkspire17 said:
somthing else id love to see, is a recut of the greedo scene, without the SE awkward “doge the laser” bit, but instead cutting ot an insert (probably a custom element) close-up of han holding his D-11 slightly above his waste and firing, cut quickly to be close to how a western gunslinger would be like

Han will certainly not be dodging a shot from greedo. Because Greedo never got a shot off. And any one who says otherwise will be banned from watching my edit!!! JK . But sorry won’t be doing that gunslinger bit, perhaps one day someone will make a Sergio Leone cut “The Luke, The Han, and the Vader!” Scored with Enniomorricone and full of long face closeups. And unsync the dialogue a bit.