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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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23-Sep-2018, 8:38 AM

Warbler said:

ChainsawAsh said:

And yet people still whine about the ST being “SJW” this and “Feminazi” that. Just like people are bitching about DW having an “agenda” now.

and I am sure that every single person that is upset with the ST is upset for only one reason: a female lead. Yeah, right.

Also, neither Leia nor Padme were the leads in their trilogies.

come on, both were major stars in their trilogies. One can argue that Leia outranked both Luke and Han in the Rebellion. Padme was the leader of a whole planet and a Senator.

Similarly to how DW has had strong female characters for decades in companions like Barbara, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane, Ace, Amy Pond, and so on and so forth, but God forbid you cast a woman in the lead role…

They didn’t just cast a women, they turned a character that had been make for over 50 years into a female. They didn’t do it for the sake of the show, they did it for PC reasons

Likely it was done for both reasons simultaneously…it appears the newest obsession is the temptation to rewrite much of history (pardon, herstory 😉) so as to be ritualistically inclusive of the modern narrative…though this is not all negative, it does have a tendency to becomes particularly grating when it appears to be overtly obvious.

A female lead is refreshing in many instances and can be quite satisfying to watch, but it can also be remarkably distasteful when the reason for it coming about appears to be the result of a cynical attempt to woo a modern audience with the now dully expected gender-reversal reveal. This is not novel–it was preordained…and in being so it loses its effect. It appears more of a trite pandering and devalued attempt to ride the subset of a particular sentiment rather than a truly insightful opportunity to portray a woman in a dominant role.

It would have been a vastly improved position to have given a more realistic phasing out of the old male doctor in favour of this new preeminent character rather than this sudden forced overtaking of another’s position. This is because it would then have allowed the woman in question to have shown her proper qualifications for being so chosen and respected…it would have allowed her to essentially arrive as her own person, with as strong and independent a stride and mannerism as she should desire…whereas currently it appears merely as though she might have been placed in full force through an obvious propping up, as though affirmative action might be considered the only possible means of providing a proper central role for a woman in these circumstances…unnecessarily cheapening the experience for many, rather than providing a healthy and welcome change…