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JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition (Released)
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20-Sep-2018, 8:15 AM

You will be pleased to hear that I’m planning on doing just that - with the original Portuguese track and alternate synced English track. The Brazil tape is just too rare and it would be a huge missed opportunity not to. Might do a largely untouched Standard Def version and a HD upscale with 35mm grain plate and careful cleanup and modest sharpening like my deleted scene examples.

The widescreen version will continue as-is. The 4 deleted scenes presented in non-anamorphic 2.35:1 from an ancient video master are upscaling better than expected. This is largely thanks to avisynth filters that reduce the baked-in sharpening halos. The scenes still stick out like a sore-thumb, but I like seeing them in widescreen with proper IVTC, cleanup and upscaling. Also to note - they are presented in better quality on the DVD. Whoever oversaw their addition to the blu-ray extras performed some kind of awful deinterlace job - destroying the ability to perform IVTC.