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TN1's 4K trilogy poster, in the style of the '85 Triple Bill
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18-Sep-2018, 9:50 AM

Was messing around in Photoshop, trying to recreate the actual '85 Triple Bill posters (the real ones, not the bootleg) and was pretty much finished when I had an epiphany; probably shouldn’t release it publicly lest someone less scrupulous than I tries to make a buck off it, even though I was only working at 72dpi and my sources were less than ideal. Not wanting to completely waste my time, I decided to make an HOMAGE to the '85 Triple Bill posters. But what would be the actual subject?

TeamNegative1’s 4K restorations!

Very preemptive, I know, but I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys about what I could do better in terms of slogans or flavor text to put on here. (This is ‘only’ the 72dpi version; 300dpi 27" x 41" printable also available if need be.)