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JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition (Released)
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17-Sep-2018, 11:04 PM
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Thank you digitalfreaknyc! That’s my personal VHS recording (LP Speed) from the early 90’s - probably recorded when I was about 6 to 7 years old (JAWS fanatic already, like any good child of the era). It’s incomplete - we started recording it a few minutes after it started.

It’s funny - it was a Sunday morning and my mom stayed home from church because she wasn’t feeling well. So I went to church with Dad and my Sis, while Mom recorded JAWS 2 for me and paused on the commercial breaks (sometimes missing a second of the movie as it restarted). But during Marge’s death scene, she paused it for some reason - maybe protecting me from such a traumatic moment? So it had this really bizarre edit that somehow made the scene even more troubling to me. About a year or so later, I found another broadcast and pulled up my tape to that scene waiting for the moment - then I hit record and recorded the whole remainder of the movie. It wasn’t perfect but it captured the missing horrifying moment! My first edit I guess? 😄 - - After my father’s stroke, my parents eventually lost all of their property and I had to go in and salvage a lot of family history. This old JAWS 2 recording was in one of the many boxes I recovered before the property was foreclosed. So it’s special in many ways.

Back to the recording itself - as I recently discovered, it’s actually a sped-up TBS broadcast and that’s why I had so much trouble performing an IVTC. I now went to the trouble of running it through QTGMC to produce a 60p copy, running it through multidecimate, and then going through and removing the remaining dupes and reintroducing frames that multidecimate might have axed. It moves even better now than the version you watched. See it here along with the raw DV capture:!anIg3YgL!dhX8cj-rCMIG13R90iWpHw

This may all be moot though - I was just contacted by a very gracious collector who owns the Brazil CIC tape and will send it to me. It’s PAL-M format (29.97i fps like NTSC, but with PAL color). It’s possible that tape may have even better quality than my copy.