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Batman Returns: De-Bizzarified (Released)
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16-Sep-2018, 4:40 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 8:51 AM
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Name inspired by Greencapt’s “Batman & Robin: De-Assified”

What is there to say about Batman returns that hasn’t already been said? It’s basically a good Tim Burton film but as a Batman film it falls short in that to a degree,So in my cut i aim to remove alot of the weirdness Burton implemented & tried to make more on the level of Batman 89’s status but of course some things had to stay for counuity sake but i think i managed to make Returns more presentable as a Batman film.


-Batman 89 sound effects
-Moon transition shots from FT13 Part 1
-Sleepy hollow expanded score
-Few deleted & alternate scenes from trailers & the making of Returns
-News reporter mentioning the events from 89
-Batman Returns expanded score


-Restored the film’s original timeline

-Penguin “eating” the family cat
-Cats resurrecting Selina
-Shreck & Chip’s convo about Selina
-Penguin biting guys nose
-Catwoman swallowing live bird & everything the follows until penguin’s announcement on tv
-Catwoman’s “suit up” sequence
-Catwoman screaming in the greenhouse
-Bruce making up his mind about going to Max’s party
-Batman finding Shreck’s cooked corpse
-Catwoman looking at the batsignal

I’ll be providing the link to my edit either today or tomorrow (depending how fast my internet is) once it’s uploaded to MEGA so until keep it frosty people!