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Star Wars as a cohesive universe/canon.
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15-Sep-2018, 12:01 PM

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Okay, this is where I stop, because all of this is 100% “I don’t like the ST so I’m going to rail against it and find every avenue I can to attack it” and not a discussion of keeping canonical cohesion of a saga across multiple decades and filmmakers. Which is the discussion I was hoping to find when I opened this thread.

I’m amazed this thread is still going, but thanks for the break down of what is really going on in all of these monolithic quote trees. Not liking the ST is fine. But claiming the real reason they don’t work is because they don’t follow the prequels enough is just bonkers. Nobody was going to pay however many millions to invite comparisons to that debacle. Things that leave a bad taste need a strong pallet cleanser after all.

Since you brought it up, I’d say that “debacle” is a much more accurate description of the ST (so far) than the PT.
It doesn’t get more cringeworthy than than the unfortunate juxtaposition of Rose’s “saving what we love” speech with the laser blasting “what they love” in center frame as they lean in for the kiss.

And people thought “I don’t like sand” was bad. Yeesh.

Stop, my sides are hurting.

Do you honestly disagree?

Yes, he honestly has a different opinion from you. You might try to respect him for that fact, rather than act like a ****.

Uh… he believed all the response my post warranted was to let me know that it was laughable.
Don’t look to me for the start of the disrespect chain.