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Star Wars as a cohesive universe/canon.
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14-Sep-2018, 6:57 PM

ChainsawAsh said:

BiggsFan44 said:

I don’t think that’s what you’re actually getting out of the thread

I don’t think you get to tell me how I think, but…

because it isn’t what I’m saying.

…okay, fine.

The OT was first, the PT came next and was made by the same guy, who attempted to graft on an expansion of the original story by making Luke’s father’s journey an inverse of Luke’s.

I disagree in that he contradicted what came before in every subsequent film. Besides, you’re ignoring the contributions of Gary Kurtz, Lawrence Kasdan, Irvin Kershner, Howard Kazanjian, and Richard Marquand to the OT (though I’d argue that Kazanjian and Marquand had markedly less influence on ROTJ than Kurtz did on ANH and ESB or Kershner and Kasdan did on ESB), and ignoring the fact that Kasdan co-wrote ESB and ROTJ while also co-writing TFA and Solo.

The ST is being made by people who can be assumed to strongly disagree with elements of the PT, and make movies that reflect that.

I don’t understand why this is a problem, since they take place after the OT, and as such should be sequels to the OT. Besides, there’s a ton of prequel influence in TLJ and even a little in TFA, so I’d also argue you’re blatantly wrong about this and letting your feelings about the ST get in the way, since you’re stating this as objective fact when it quite clearly isn’t.

For example, Infinity War feels like a modern blockbuster- using all the tech at its disposal to craft a HUGE story.

What? Why does that matter?

Or even look at Solo and Rogue One- they’re shot with digital cameras.


But everything TFA does (cloning a resource limited movie from 1977 being a big one)

Oh, you don’t like that TFA was shot on film? Really? Why does that make a difference?

is a condemnation of the last movies in the saga before it, real life-time wise.

It…what? How? You’re stating this as objective fact without citing any examples.

Now, this isn’t even about whether TFA is better or worse than the PT, really. I’m simply asking- How are we supposed to believe that Episode 7 is the continuation of a collection movies that it is telling off half of?

Because it’s set decades later with similar characters and is clearly part of the same universe?

If this isn’t just a “waaaah I don’t like the ST and I’m angry about it” thing, then I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying.

If you can’t see how TFA is “people who were burned by the PT please come back, you liked ANH right?: The Movie”, then I don’t see how we can converse.