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15 MaF
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Blade Runner - The Analogue Cut (Released)
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11-Sep-2018, 7:50 AM
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11-Sep-2018, 7:55 AM
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15 MaF
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ScruffyNerfHerder said:

Hi 15 MaF,
From what I read this project seems to be a Fan Edit of Blade Runner not a Preservation of it, right? No harm intended, but this seems to be in the wrong category. 😃

"What is a preservation effort?

A preservation effort is a fan-made release of a film (or version of a film) that has never had a full retail DVD release. Usually these are sourced from obsolete formats such as VHS or laserdisc, but sometimes they can be from captured TV broadcasts.

What is a fan edit?

A fan edit aims to improve on or alter an existing film, by the insertion, deletion or re-ordering of scenes within the movie. It involves the application of artistic license to the material available. (Fan-made documentaries are also included in this category.)"

Yeah that’s fair comment Nerf.
I suppose I saw this edit as a “preserving” of the old vibe, the characteristics and vagueness in the narrative and texture before it was over ruled by the popularity of The Final Cut and Ridley Scott’s explicit declarations regarding Deckard.

But technically yeah I agree with you entirely. It’s still a transformation from any available release. If any site Admin/Mod can move it, I’d be happy for them to do so as I can’t see a delete option this side. Otherwise I can just repost another.