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Star Wars Documentaries on Film to be scanned. Donations welcome. (a WIP)
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8-Sep-2018, 12:26 AM


I pulled the trigger and picked up the three Star Wars docs on 16mm, and will be scanning and restoring them.
The colour and detail are fantastic on these, we will easily be able to make lovely Hi-Def versions of these.

From Star Wars to Jedi, The Making of Star Wars and Star Wars-Classic Creatures with Carrie.

The scanning will take place before the end of the year, as I can get time on one of two 16mm machines. It will most likely be on the Arri.

I have setup bank accounts that can accept USD, Euros, GBP or AUD, without fees, or of course PayPal, but their fees have become very high.

Anyone that wants to help with these, please do, they were kind of expensive,
(2300 Euro/USD2600/GBP2050/AUD3700) but I haven’t seen any in this good condition, and hopefully will get some of it back selling them at the end.

Obviously they need to be cleaned and scanned and put on HDDs. I went out on a limb with this one, so I hope there is some interest!

Any help much appreciated, this won’t interfere with, or slow down my other projects as I can get someone else in the company to handle 90% of it.
It will be great to finally see these in HD, and in full colour (4:4:4, not 4:2:0)

Bank details via PM if wanted.