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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Revisited] [w/ PoA]
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1-Sep-2018, 6:53 PM

All of the previews look amazing!

-I would like to see the classic train music from Sorcerer’s Stone return for the ending
-Maybe add some more flashbacks from the first 4 movies in the scenes where Snape and Voldi get into Harry’s mind to get
more continuity
-take out the “We fly of course” scene, Harry and the others wanted to use the chimney and it was possible after they got rid of Umbrigde. It makes way more sense, why they would fly to the ministry wtf
-Add a voice over of Sirius mentioning the fate of Neville’s parents (and maybe Bellatrix screams) when Neville and Harry talk after the DA meeting. It gets brushed over so quickly in this movie, I didnt even undertand it in the first few viewings
-Same with Susan Bones voice when Luna talks about Harry being able to use a patronus. It was originally Bones kid that
brought it up so it was a nice payoff and casting a patronus is a big deal in that universe
-Don’t add music for the big fight at the end, it is supposed to be silent

That’s all for now, good luck and keep us updated bro!