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Taking a stand against toxic fandom (and other )
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15-Aug-2018, 2:46 PM

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screams in the void said:

George was quoted as saying in 2012 , " Why should I make more when everyone yells at you and says what a terrible person you are ?"…granted , he came back after the Disney merger ,had a meltdown , then came to acceptance and then came back to support all the subsequent productions .I watched Mark Hamill’s ceremony for his star on the walk of fame earlier this year and George Lucas and Harrison Ford attended , an interviewer asked Lucas about Star Wars and he said he had nothing to say . I think he is still going through the stages of grief. He did say it was like a divorce after all . Also . on the subject of Jar Jar , Ahmed best has started doing some field notes on the backlash of his character , seems he feels George could have stuck up for him a bit more …

Maybe Lucas should have taken a deeper look at why the fans were yelling at him and saying what a terrible person he was? Maybe he should have more open to the idea that (gasp!) he could have made mistakes that led to the fan hate. The thing is, he could made a lot of the fan hate go away by doing one simple thing: give the oot the release it deserves.

Ah, so the abused should ask himself or herself, why he or she deserves to be abused, rather than expect respectful discourse?

Lucas is not a battered wife.

Kelly-Mary Tran, and Ahmed Best are not battered wifes… I don’t see how that has anything to do with toxic behaviour towards creators of a work for not getting what you want.

You referred to to Lucas like he was an a victim of abuse. He isn’t. He is man that made bad decisions and 3 bad movies and one really stupid decision(not releasing the oot). He got some flack for it. But in the end, he is a zillionaire and can live on that nice Skywalker ranch and live very nicely for the rest of his life without have to work another day for the rest of his life(btw the money he got to do all that came from the very fans you accuse of abusing him). He is no victim.

Some people simply deserve fan toxicity for not agreeing with said fans’ points of view.

When you don’t want to give the oot the release it deserves, don’t be surprised if toxicity occurs.

When you make a film like TLJ, and don’t give a character like Luke Skywalker the send-off he deserves, don’t be surprised if toxicity occurs.

It isn’t right for the toxicity to occur, but it isn’t surprising.

Seems like a pretty poor excuse for behaving in an obnoxious manner.

I don’t think I personally behave in an obnoxious manner. But am entitled to my opinions on Lucas and am entitled to say them.

Toxicity should be rejected in all its forms, and not only if it serves your own objectives.

I guess it depended on what you mean by toxicity. I agree people shouldn’t be harassed or threatened and certainly racist and ethnic slurs and the like are totally unacceptable and some name calling goes too far. But I should still be able to post what I think about Lucas on this forum. I don’t mind if he gets booed a little at a convention.

In my view fan toxicity is not solved by pointing the finger at others, but by looking in the mirror.

So why shouldn’t Lucas be looking in the mirror?

Maybe he should, but as far as I can tell Lucas was operating within his rights as a creator, and copyright holder.

He was within his legal rights, but that doesn’t make it morally right. Also, he wasn’t the sole creator of the ot. Lots of people (actors, directors, make up artists, special effects people, set designers, etc) were involved in the creation of the ot.

We can disagree with his point of view, and try to convince the powers that be of our own, but that’s as far as it goes in my view.

and I can continue to complain in forums like this one and defend my view points. I can also withhold my money from anything that would profit Lucas. It it my money and I have the right.