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Hal 9000
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The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was
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12-Aug-2018, 11:44 AM
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13-Aug-2018, 9:21 AM
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Hal 9000
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OP updated again for ANH, to reflect more thinking and refining on the subject.

In putting together a realistic battle plan for this project, here is what I would need (and a few wants included in parentheses) in order to tackle ANH, save for the upcoming NeverarGreat color corrected 2011 transfer and a Despecialized Edition based on it. Here follows what would be needed (or wanted), starting from only these two sources:

  • Re-undo R2’s jump cut on the Taintive (Neverar’s source re-added the jump cut, and he ought to be able to export an untouched, color corrected version.)

  • Add missing SE vaporators to one shot. (Or simply use OOT to remove them from the first shot.)

  • Remove one set of stormtroopers to a SE Mos Eisley establishing shot which are perfect mirror images of each other.

  • (Remove the shockwave from the SE version of the Alderaan explosion. If this were done, both Death Star explosions would retain their added shockwaves. Alternatively, Alderaan could keep its SE shockwave, and use the OOT for both Death Star explosions. The idea is to only have one ‘class’ of explosion depicted this way, rather than all and only OT explosions being depicted this way.)

  • Depict the Falcon as being in hyperspace during the “sometimes I amaze even myself” scene, with flickering blue wormhole visible out the cockpit and flashing blue light cast on the set. (Refer to Disney-era films for the look.)

  • (Smooth R2’s ascension into the X-Wing during the SE ‘Reunion with Biggs’ scene. The alternative is merely not to include this scene.)

  • (During the award ceremony, manually modify R2’s red/blue light to match the rest of the saga.)