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The Usual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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9-Aug-2018, 5:44 PM

I had an idea for a radical edit of episode 7 that I’ve started to work on, where I have tried to integrate some of Captain phasma’s scenes from 8 into 7, specifically her duel with Finn, and some of the Rose, DJ, Phasma scenes.

(I dont have the vfx skills that I need.)

I want to take some of the Finn, Rose, DJ stuff and put that into 7,

ie Finn and Rose (both imperials in this edit) try to escape the 1st order together. Phasma catches them, kills Rose, and then sends finn to “re-integration.” Ie his mind is wiped.

So, is his interest in Rey real? Is it a remnant of a past memory of Rose? Adds depth to both characters.

The next time we see Finn he has his breakdown on Jakku, escapes with Poe, etc.

I would love to integrate Finn’s duel with Phasma into the destruction of Starkiller. (She escapes the compactor and tries to confront finn.)

To me, Finn being underutilized in both movies was a real downer. They had a real opportunity to show the Star Wars universe an unfiltered view of the Empire’s/1st order’s cruelty from a soldier’s perspective. What is life like for imperial citizens etc. they squadered it.