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Quotes from Gary Kurtz
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14-Jul-2005, 9:34 PM

He is often credited with helping make the films the classics they are considered today.

Yeah, and he is wrongly given this credit by disgruntled fanboys like those on this site. It's a complete load of bull. Kurtz was in no way responsible for the original Star Wars trilogy being as great as it was. He created nothing, wrote nothing, and directed nothing aside from a few second unit scenes. Typical stupidity from whiny fanboys angry at Lucas for whatever reason, who don't have a clue.


"I think we both were frustrated and decided we just didn't want to work together anymore for the time being.

Bullshit Kurtz. You split over money because you nearly ran the ESB production into the ground, skyrocketing the budget by over 10 million dollars. That's why you split. Then you ran into similar problems with Dark Crystal.


Yeah but look at Rick McCallum...

At least McCallum can keep a film on budget and on schedule, unlike Kurtz. McCallum's a better producer, plain and simple. Just look at where they're at in their respective careers. McCallum is producing at Lucasfilm because he is a damn good producer. Kurtz is producing some second rate independent fan film based on Star Wars. Case closed!

If Kurtz was half as brilliant as disenchanted fanboys think he is, he would have his pick of films to produce. The only reason anyone here knows his name is because of Lucas.