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Howard Kazanjian
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14-Jul-2005, 9:22 PM
First of all, let's set the record straight because there is quite a bit of nonsense going on in this thread. I don't know where some of you guys get your information, but it's BS!

The Bizzle is spot on in most of his comments on this issue.

Why Kurtz and Lucas split:

Kurtz would like for you to believe that he voluntarily left Lucas over creative differences. It's nonsense. Lucas and Kurtz split was solely over money. When Lucas decided to fund ESB himself, he really played hardball with Fox and really stuck it to them on negotiating deal. Lucas hired Kershner to direct. Lucas also allowed Kurtz to produce ESB on his own with little oversight from Lucas, while Lucas stayed in the U.S. to oversee the effects work. Kurtz eventually ran ESB's production 10 million dollars over budget, forcing Lucas to go back to Fox. Well, Fox let Lucas have it. Lucas blamed Kurtz because it was his responsibility to keep the production on schedule and on budget. That's a producer's job. Lucas couldn't trust Kurtz with his money. That led to the split.

Truth be told, Kurtz was not that good of a producer. You can say what you want about McCallum, but he's Lucas' producer because he is very good at his job. Who cares whether he's a "yes" man. It's not his job or any producer's job to continually confront the director.


i'm just saying he played a role in the artistic value of epIV and epV, that you can see the degradation occurring in epVI, and that without him on the prequels, they're horseshit. he is hardly the only reason or the chief reason the prequels are horseshit, but there you go. it's a factor.

Bullshit! You have no clue what you're talking about. That statement is just another example of a disgruntled fanboy trying to take credit away from Lucas for the greatness that is the original trilogy, and bestowing up Kurtz. Why? Because you're angry at Lucas.

Kurtz in no way played a role in the artistic merits of the Star Wars trilogy. Kurtz created nothing, wrote nothing, and directed nothing aside from a few second unit scenes. He is not responsible in any way for the original trilogy being great. He's a producer, no different than McCallum.

and since the 1970's we've become the most cynical, sarcastic and cranky bastards on the planet, but enough is enough.

Well said. I couldn't have said it better. That's exactl why I can' blame Lucas for ignoring Star Wars fans. The crankiest, most selfish, obssessive group I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I'm in that group as well. Would you or I give a flip about people who constantly slam you, blame you for wrecking their childhoods(which is pathetic), and attack you on a daily basis? I doubt it. I know I wouldn't.