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Fang Zei
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Info: The Disney/Fox acquisition....
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3-Aug-2018, 3:48 PM

ronwlim said:

I have no doubt we’ll get the original versions, but I meant 100% unaltered: Fox fanfare. original non-logo Lucasfilm title, no “ANH” crawl. The 1977 version.


I feel like all of those things would be there regardless. If they can scan in the unaltered opening crawl just for the GOUT, then surely it would be there on an actual OOT restoration.

They’d probably just use a source that’s pre-97 anyway (like the separation masters), unless they have a truly foolproof way of scanning the SE-conformed o-neg and making sure they can tell the unaltered shots from the altered ones.

The guy from Fox at that Disney restoration presentation said that the pieces of the o-neg removed for the alterations were put in storage, but didn’t Michael Kaminski say in his article that certain shots in the o-neg had faded completely because of the nature of the specific stock used for those shots? So they’d need to go to an alternative source like seps or interpositives for some of those shots regardless. I think the big expensive restoration of The Godfather used the o-neg primarily and used seps for the shots that were too faded/damaged.

As for pittrek’s memory, he’s probably referring to that via satellite interview with Iger that cnbc (or whichever cable channel) did way back in 2014 or early 2015. The interviewer asked something to the effect of whether we might see a release of “the original Star Wars” and Iger smiles just a little and says something like “y’know, that’s not a bad idea.”