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Star Wars Film Concert Series (Released)
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25-Jul-2018, 10:45 PM
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LordZerome1080 said:

The week of August 9th the unaltered cut of ESB is going to be shown at the Hollywood bowl with a full orchestra. I’m not there but I wonder if any of our “agents” on this site can manage to snag it.

@LordZerome1080, I appreciate your post and the news.

However, I am very skeptical about the “unaltered cut” part.

All the ESB:Live-to-Projection concerts from around the world have screened the version that was used in the Blu Ray with those extraneous extra footage…

  • Vader and entourage entering shuttle at Bepsin
  • Outtake footage from ROTJ

I am sure that there are some fans, out there, that would love to not only hear this entire score live performed by a symphony orchestra, but also hear it accompanied by the GOUT-ESB.

May I ask you to show us a link where this concert will screen the ‘unaltered’ version, please?