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The X-Files: The final adventures
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25-Jul-2018, 2:59 PM
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The X-Files: The final cases

I love the X-Files, but like almost every good TV show, it went on too long. Everybody has their own opinion on when they think the X-Files should have ended. I personally think that it should have ended with season 8. Season 9 is painful to sit through because of a lack of Mulder and the episodes being mediocre at best, I want to Believe was boring and uninteresting, season 10 was almost a complete waste of time and season 11, while being alright, had an atrocious conclusion. All of these seasons also have loads of continuity errors, moronic retcons, and Mulder and Scully, one of my favourite couples in history, break-up for no good reason. So therefore, season 8 has to be the last season. Besides, the ending has a sense of closure to it.

Unfortunately, some of the stupidity that plagued the future seasons can be seen in season 8 (like the stupid retcon that Mulder was dying in season 7, even though he looked perfectly fine and healthy in that season, so it makes no sense). I also want to add a sense of closure. So my plan is to turn multiple episodes into movies. while adding scenes from other TV shows and movies to adding to the feeling of closure.

Movie 1: Lost. The edit would begin with Within (without the stupid retcon I mentioned), before transitioning to Without. Then we would get a trimmed version of the first scene from Patience to establish their partnership better, and then Via Negativa would play out. I would skip Via Negativa, but John needs to meet the Lone Gunmen for future episodes, so it has to stay. Then end on Per Manum, as it reminds us of what we have lost: Mulder. Also, I have a post-credits scene to add.

Movie 2: Found. This comprise of: This Is Not Happening, Deadalive and Three Words. I would love to cut out Mulder’s pointless death and Resurrection, but there’s no way to do so. I also have a post-credits scene to add.

Movie 3: Revelations. This will comprise of: Empedocles, Vienen, Essence and Existence. I would skip Empedocies, but Mulder needs to meet Monica Reyes because of the finale. I also have a post-credits scene to resolve the colonisation arc.

I also want to try and cut out as many fade to black’s as possible.