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The GOUT Sync Thread
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24-Jul-2018, 2:07 PM
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For a two-frame sync issue, check Harrison Ford’s dialogue. He’s the right mix of dialogue delivered rapidly with lots of mouth movement. In contrast, Carrie Fisher moves her mouth a lot less, which masks sync issues, and Ian McDiarmid delivers so slowly it also serves to mask sync issues. SFX and score aren’t noticeably off at two frames IMO. Basically Han is more out of sync with the rest of the Star Wars universe than anyone else 😉

Agreed though that subs aren’t an issue at all, and non-voiceover dubs should be well within tolerance. Basically for a two-frame sync issue, we’re only talking about alternate English tracks (6-channel, mono, commentary, descriptive audio) and voiceover dubs as noticeably impacted.