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Is Star Wars "Better Than It's Ever Been"?
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17-Jul-2018, 11:02 AM
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17-Jul-2018, 11:17 AM
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My answer: no. Why? For me, most of the Disney era of films have been consistently above average quality in terms of writing, directing, and visuals when compared to most blockbusters. In this way they distuinguish themselves from the prequel era, which I would characterize as ranging from the stunningly creative to the absolutely abysmal (often in a single film). However, in my view most of what the Disney era has produced has been extremely derivative, and self-referential, particulary when it comes to the OT. Whether it is through rehashing plot threads from the OT era, or by using OT plot threads to subvert expectations (a quality I’ve since come to consider highly overrated), or by inserting copious amounts of fan service, the OT casts an enormous shadow over the Disney era as a whole, and its dna can be found in almost every element making up the new canon. For those that say Star Wars is better than ever, I would say it’s pretty easy to stand on the shoulders of the OT giant, and believe yourself to be tall. It’s much more difficult to be considered tall standing on your own two feet. The prequel era may be severely flawed in its execution, but it still tried to take Star Wars in new directions both in terms of its story and its visuals. While it certainly certainly didn’t reach the heights of the OT, at least it reached whatever heights it may have achieved in certain areas by mostly standing on its own two feet. When I judge the Disney era of Star Wars not including what it derives from the OT, but by what it adds to the Star Wars mythos on its own, its contributions are pretty small and insignificant to me. Until the powers that be develop a creative vision for the franchise’s future, that is not based on continually looking backwards, I will consider the Disney era the weakest thusfar.