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Dr. Cooper
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Info: Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay
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17-Jul-2018, 6:43 AM

The old German VHS of „Nightmare on Elm Street“ contained the Unrated Version with some extended footage of Tina‘s death (blood splashing when she falls from the ceiling and an additional shot of her body).

The German VHS of Hitchcock‘s „Psycho“ also had some alternate/additional material: A shot where Marion takes off her bra, alternate footage of Norman‘s bloody hands after he cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and Arbogast is stabbed three or four times instead of just once. It also has an alternate shot of Sam‘s letter to Marion where the text is written in German.
Unfortunately the shower scene is cut in these German tapes, only old TV-airings included the full uncut version.