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Is Star Wars "Better Than It's Ever Been"?
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17-Jul-2018, 3:32 AM
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Interesting! I liked (and now love) LOTR too, I mean that trilogy is damn near perfect, but there wasn’t a lot of stuff outside the movies that kept my interest as a kid.

I like that you brought up the Clone Wars micro-series! While it was way too short, I was a huge Samurai Jack fan, so I really loved what little we got of it. And it helped bridge Episodes 2 and 3, and helped me enjoy those characters even more.

Which I kind of think is something the ST is lacking. Not to get into it, but I don’t think TLJ and ST in general would be getting as much flack if we were getting more material regarding those characters and the events that took place in between 6 and 7. Obviously I see why they didn’t do that, but I think future content will cover that, so while a lot of current fans might have issues with the ST, future fans who grow up with those gaps filled won’t.

Once the ST is done, hopefully future content won’t be as held back. I’m hoping Jedi: Fallen Order will be interesting, but it is sad to think that is the only other Star Wars game publicly announced, since Project Ragtag was scrapped and now being turned into something else, with no set release time. I think Battlefront is fun and all but I really don’t know what EA is doing. I don’t think they do either. I think DICE and the other developers want to make great Star Wars games, but they’ve kind of been getting screwed over. I guess it is a quality of quantity approach, but I kind of miss the days of Lucasarts. I’m hoping they’ll ramp up game production in the future though.