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12-Jul-2018, 8:56 AM
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Vive la difference 😃

I like that this site is somewhat unique in comparison to many other forums out there (whose similarity looks a bit bland after a while) - for me it’s sort of a representation of the members here - we’re all a little different on here than most people found on other many sci-fi or even SW forums around 😉

Having to use a different code for embedding images and the like? I’m okay with it - a reminder that there are alternatives out there and not everything has to be done ‘this way’.

Site upgrades, back-ups and improvements - as well as the general running of the place - takes it’s toll and eats up considerable time and effort; not withstanding the unseen issues and bugs with applying updates.

I’m a bit out of the loop on programming, yet think this still applies today…

It’s likely why upgrades and the like are done in batches - with a fair amount of time given inbetween changes to give time to find any issues that occur (and it can take a fair amount of time before they are noticed or detected - and on occasions they’ll go unnoticed until they affect another upgrade or change). Even if there was an error somewhere in the code - it still has to be located, and a fix found and issued.

Yes, 9 years for that ‘unread posts’ feature is quite a long time - yet it’s not fundamental to the function of the site, and whilst it may be of use for some, we have managed without it for 9 years. It is, though, apparently on the list of things to do.

For over 15 years Jay has been maintaining the site (in whatever format) - pretty much on his todd and at considerable cost - outside of time and commitment to family, friends, work, social life, other interests, sitting in a dark room rocking backwards and forwards, etc.

That the feedback ‘Markdown Sucks’ earnt a reply of something along the lines of “too bad get used to it.” is likely just the New Yorker way of saying ‘it isn’t going to change anytime soon’ - though without the stereotypical New Yorker swear words usually expected in such retorts 😉

That’s just my uninformed two-penneth on it.